About Us

A Statement from the Owner:
I am Nicholas Heermans, founder and owner of Million Dollar Views window cleaning co. I am proud to say that when I created this company my main focus was to deliver a window cleaning experience unparalleled to anything else we see in the industry today. A client-first approach along with my Midwestern work ethic is the foundation for my business. Million Dollar Views strives to be your best window cleaning company in the Coachella Valley. With 18 years of customer service, sales and management experience, I felt it was time to put everything I have learned into action on my own accord. I established a firm business model that redefines the standards in our industry. Clients come first. I am a firm believer in “going for the extra mile because it’s never crowded .” It’s what sets this company apart from the status quo.

​ I cleaned my first window professionally 12 years ago in Madison, WI. I worked for a company part time as a second job. It was a boutique style company that focused on lake properties. I learned from some of the best in the business proper window cleaning techniques to clean extremely dirty windows. If you have ever been to a Midwestern lake house you know what I mean! I eventually started my own window cleaning company as supplemental income to my second job in the wireless industry. That brings us to now. Eight years ago my wife and I moved to the Coachella Valley to reunite with her family who had recently relocated here. I cleaned windows for friends and family privately during this time to stay sharp on my craft, knowing that one day I was going to open a window cleaning business again. Thus came Million Dollar Views. I have 2 little daughters and a lovely wife and I reached a point where it was time to start another life chapter and be more available for them. I had to put my schedule back into my own hands and walk away from my retail wireless management career. What can I say … I love cleaning windows! It’s a job where you have to overcome challenges everyday. You get to be indoors and outdoors daily and put smiles on peoples faces when they “see the difference” of what expertly cleaned windows look like. Million Dollar Views sits in its own lane specializing in luxury homes, estates and low-rise commercial. I’m looking to deliver a red-carpet experience for all of our clients every time. Also, I look forward to giving back to our local communities and organizations through donations and community work. Come “See the Difference”.